Report 2010

Grupa LOTOS is a leading industrial company and Poland’s second largest oil major. In 2010, our share in the domestic fuel market exceeded 31%. As the only Polish company,  we are directly engaged in exploration and production operations on the Baltic Sea.

  • Letter from the Chairman of the Supervisory Board

    The year 2010 was exceptionally good for Grupa LOTOS. The Company successfully completed the 10+ Programme. The annual processing capacity was expanded to 10.5 million tonnes of crude, while the actual processed volumes exceeded 8 million tonnes. Grupa LOTOS ' share of the domestic fuel market grew to over 31%, whereas - as compared to 2009 - sales revenue and operating profit rose by 37% and 82%, respectively.

  • Letter from the President of the Board

    Since 2002 the Gdańsk refinery has evolved from an operation with annual capacities of 4.5 million tonnes and a monolithic structure into a vertically integrated oil conglomerate with annual throughput capacities of 10 million tonnes, which has built an upstream segment well-placed for international expansion.