Economic aspects

In its decision-making processes, the LOTOS Group takes into account their indirect impact on the organisations's environment. By...

Social performance

Human rights and product responsibility are linked to the LOTOS Group's social impact and are an important element of sustainable growth....


The companies of the LOTOS Group monitor their environmental impact with a range of indicators referring to the level of emissions,...


In 2010, the LOTOS shares were included in the RESPECT index, the first index of socially responsible companies in Central and Eastern...

“Decade of growth” - an interview with Paweł Olechnowicz, President of the Board of Grupa LOTOS

At Grupa LOTOS we have always attached great importance to acting in conformity with the Sustainable Development concept.

The Table of Content of the GRI and the Principles of the UN Global Compact

The following table may help determine the location of content concerning specific information or performance data required by the Global...


  • Mission, vision, values

    We declare the intention to pursue strategic goals in compliance with corporate social responsibility principles. Our commitment towards local communities and the environment is to ensure that no social or environmental damage is caused by our activities. 

  • People

    The strategy which aims to transform the human resources into the capital of the Company addresses the need to adjust the qualitative and quantitative employee structure to the fast-changing market environment, modify the internal labour market, and reward excellent employee performance with a variety of incentive mechanisms.

  • Environment

    The environmental policy of the LOTOS Group is oriented towards a steady reduction of consumption of utilities and raw materials, reduction of pollutant emissions, waste management and security of industrial processes so as to effectively prevent failures.