Mission, vision, values

The core values of corporate social responsibility of the LOTOS Group are transparency, openness, innovativeness and responsibility.


The LOTOS Group is divided into the marketing, operational, exploration and production, and management segments.

Key risks, opportunities and challenges in the context of sustainable development

Compared to 2009, some of the operating, financial and market-related risks were relatively reduced.

The Table of Content of the GRI and the Principles of the UN Global Compact

The following table may help determine the location of content concerning specific information or performance data required by the Global...


  • Corporate governance

    To the major goals of corporate governance at Grupa LOTOS belong confidence in its relations with stakeholders, and openness and consistent building of the Company’s shareholder value.

  • Management systems

    For Grupa LOTOS, being certified with the Integrated Management System is not a goal in its own right. We also take steps which allow for attaining tangible values from the implemented systems. The standards provide universal solutions increasing the chance of finding the added value, thus making the implemented system effective and more useful.

  • Risk management

    At Grupa LOTOS, the Enterprise Risk Management system is meant to provide comprehensive knowledge on threats and opportunities linked to the activities of the LOTOS Group, to facilitate taking quick and effective decisions, based on risk analysis, and to prepare the organisation for an immediate reaction in case any risk materialises.

  • Supervisory Board

    The Supervisory Board is charged with exercising day-to-day supervision over Grupa LOTOS in all aspects of its activities. It may also delegate its members to individually perform certain functions and may set up ad hoc or standing committees to exercise supervision in specific areas of the Company’s activities. 

  • Management Board

    The Management Board represents the Company before third parties and manages its affairs. This does not apply to matters reserved to the General Shareholders Meeting or the Supervisory Board, nor matters falling outside the scope of ordinary management duties delegated to individual Management Board members.