Supervisory Board


The determination of the remuneration policy for members of the Supervisory Board rests within the scope of powers of the General Shareholders Meeting. Remuneration of the Supervisory Board members is subject to limitations prescribed under the Act on Remunerating Persons Who Manage Certain Legal Entities of March 3rd 2000 (Journal of Laws (Dz.U.) of 2000 No 26, item 306, as amended).

Acting in accordance with the Act, in 2000 the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting defined a remuneration policy for the Supervisory Board members, which provides as follows:

  • Board members receive monthly remuneration equal to the average monthly salary in the non-financial corporate sector net of bonuses paid from profit in the fourth quarter of the preceding year, as announced by the President of the GUS (Central Statistics Office),
  • the remuneration is payable irrespective of the frequency of Board meetings. This, however, does not apply if in a given month a member of the Board is absent from all meetings held in that month without a valid reason,
  • if a Board member is appointed or removed from office during a calendar month, the remuneration amount is calculated according to the number of days in office,
  • the Company covers all costs and expenses incurred in the performance of duties by members of the Supervisory Board and, acting pursuant to the Act on Personal Income Tax, it assesses and withholds tax payments on their remuneration income.
Remuneration of the Supervisory Board members in 2010
Name Amount (PLN)
Wiesław Skwarko (*)   3,455
Leszek Starosta 41,888
Mariusz Obszyński   8,585
Radosław Barszcz   8,585
Jan Stefanowicz   8,585
Małgorzata Hirszel 41,888
Oskar Pawłowski 33,304
Michał Rumiński 33,304
Rafał Wardziński 33,304
Ewa Sibrecht-Ośka 17,273
Rafał Lorek 17,273
Ireneusz Fąfara 13,917

* Until October 31st 2010, no remuneration was paid to Wiesław Skwarko for his serving on the Supervisory Board of Grupa LOTOS

None of the Supervisory Board members holds any shares in the Company.