Consolidated non-financial statement

Scope of the report

In determining the content of the consolidated non-financial statement and other non-financial sections of the Annual Report, we were guided by the GRI Reporting Framework.

The information contained in the statement was selected based on the materiality criterion, which we define as the potential to impact the LOTOS Group’s compliance with the sustainable development principles and the power to influence the LOTOS Group’s external stakeholders looking for reliable, comparable and accurate information and data which then affect their decisions and choices.

This statement was prepared using the full range of core indicators, including economic, environmental and social performance indicators, as well as the majority of additional indicators provided for in the GRI Guidelines. As no relevant sector supplement was available at the time of drafting the statement, no sector-specific performance indicators were applied except for those included in the core set. The methods used to calculate the figures presented in the financial statement were the same as applied for the purposes of preparing the LOTOS Group’s consolidated financial statements for 2010, i.e. in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) effective as at December 31 2010.

For a vast majority of thematic areas, the facts and figures presented in the statement pertain to Grupa LOTOS, the parent company. However, all due care and consideration was given to account for the consolidated data where possible. In sections devoted to product responsibility, information relating to service and distribution companies was disclosed, while in sections focusing on environmental responsibility, we provided data on LOTOS Petrobaltic, our exploration and production subsidiary. In each case, a clear distinction was made by specifically indicating the subsidiary currently discussed.In the previous reporting period, no material changes occurred with respect to the LOTOS Group’s subsidiaries which would affect the overall assessment of the organisation, both in terms of specific aspects of its activities and domestic peer comparison.

GRI indicators reported by LOTOS Asfalt, LOTOS Kolej, LOTOS Oil, LOTOS Paliwa, LOTOS Parafiny and LOTOS Petrobaltic, relevant to their activities in 2010

 Aspect Indicator
Products and services EN26, EN27
Transport EN29
Customer health and safety PR1
Product and service labelling PR3, PR5
Marketing communications PR7, PR8
Customer privacy PR8
Compliance PR2, PR4, PR9
Biodiversity EN11
Indirect economic impacts EC9
Market presence EC5, EC6, EC7

In the course of work on the 2010 Annual Report, 74 GRI reporting indicators were applied.

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This Annual Report provides an overview of the activities of the Capital Group of Grupa LOTOS S.A. (“the LOTOS Group” or “the...


Two subsidiaries of the LOTOS Group are domiciled abroad: in Lithuania - LOTOS Baltija and in Norway - LOTOS E&P Norge AS.

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