Management systems

Development plans

In 2011, the Company will continue to work on its current and newly implemented projects which respond to the requirements of the internal process of organisational improvement.

This year, new projects dictated by the Company's true needs are planned to be included in the existing Integrated Management System. The key ones among them are:

  • the implementation of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system – detailed information on the ERM system in Grupa LOTOS, including the adopted principles and tools, are to be found in chapter Development vision,
  • the implementation of the requirements of the Energy Management System (EnMS) aimed to support actions taken to improve the energy efficiency in Grupa LOTOS. The implementation process will be executed in compliance with the goals of the Polish Energy Policy until 2030 (with respect to improving the energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact) and quantity targets of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. The Company intends to use the potential of the projects raising the energy efficiency which have been completed so far as well as to implement best practices along with technical solutions and standards aimed to save energy (including projects implementing the recommendations of the EU Directives),
  • the implementation of enterprise project management in the LOTOS Group aimed to develop tools and methods which help to execute the Company’s strategy effectively. Based on the best world standards and our employees’ experience, we are going to introduce a unified system allowing:
    • to choose the best undertakings helping to accomplish our strategic goals,
    • to effectively complete these undertakings,
    • to efficiently monitor their completion,
    • to fairly evaluate the achieved results,
  • the improvement and expansion of the LOTOS Group’s Integrated Management System Portal used to distribute internal requirements and information regarding legal acts as well as to gather information on environmental protection, granted proxies and references,
  • the improvement of the software system aimed to distribute internal requirements and rules applicable on the premises of Grupa LOTOS to our contractors,
  • the execution of the next stage of training courses under the Auditor School programme aimed to prepare adequately qualified and experienced auditors who will be carrying out audits in the LOTOS Group’s companies using top and unified corporate standards.

Key risks, opportunities and challenges in the context of sustainable development

Compared to 2009, some of the operating, financial and market-related risks were relatively reduced.